You are a sentient backpack, managing inventory for your hapless adventurer owner.

How to play:
- The bars on the left represent the sum total of health (red), mana (blue), and stamina (green) contained in all the present items
- The hero will automatically consume items as needed
- The hero will pick up new items from chests
- The hero will fight monsters
- 3 mana lets the hero use a spell, which KO's a monster without taking damage
- Lacking a spell, the hero and monster will take turns hitting each other
- Stamina allows the hero to use a stronger melee attack than normal, but a stamina point is lost each time
- If health runs out, it's game over

- Drag mushrooms onto each other to craft potions
- Drag junk outside of the backpack to throw it away
- Gold coins add to your final score, but take up space for restorative items
- Items from chests opened while inventory is full will get thrown away (running out of space!)

See how far you can get!



Game by brundolf, Pace Smith, and Sarah Goldgar.

All sprites used are from, specifically:

Hero sprites by: Knife Drawer Games

Cloud sprites by: Richard Fhager aka DawnBringer

Tree and bush sprites by: Jestan

Terrain, butterfly and mushroom sprites: Copyright 2008 Jordan Trudgett | - Licensed under CC BY 3.0

Item and enemy sprites by: David E. Gervais

Meters GUI: modified, original by Michele Bucelli

Trash can stolen from MacOS System 7.5.3

Sounds used include these sounds from

Mushroom sound: 321552__brendan89__regular-arrow-shot (

Potion clink sound: 432245__techgkn__clink.wav

Potion sound of loss: 41348__datasoundsample__glass-shatter.wav

Junk1 and 2 sound: 21781__splashzooka__clap-rock.aiff

Junk3 sound: 237926__foolboymedia__messy-splat-2.wav

Hero gulps a potion: a sped-up version of gulps.wav by GagaMan

Hero eats a mushroom: Eating An Apple 03.wav by bryanongsounds

Useless potion: a clipped and faded version of steam pipe 2.wav by visions68

Gold: a clipped version of coins_fall_into_coins.WAV by Sir Smith (no relation)

Spell effect © 2005-2013 Julien Jorge <>


"Doobly Doo"
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Thanks to SomeGuyXG3 for suggesting the game name

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Authorsbrundolf, Pace
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Cute, Fantasy, Funny, Ludum Dare 42, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Unity
LinksLudum Dare


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It's a bit hard to see, but 1374! I told you I was coming for that high score. This game actually gives me the same feeling Nanaca Crash used to. Makes me wonder how far we can push it. If anyone can beat my score, post a pic and others can do their best to beat you.

As you can see my strategy is the "throw everything away except potions until red potions decide they hate you, then go full gold build." And it worked alright.

I actually think I might try a strategy that involves tossing all my green potions. It's risky, but it gives you a high chance of using blue potions to not take damage. Then just have a red or two on backup. Could be terrible, but who knows.

Congrats on beating my score! That sounds like a strat worth trying. WR is 1431 by Lloyd, screenshot posted on the Ludum Dare page, which is especially impressive given that Lloyd's inventory has NO gold. So you've got 2nd place overall - thanks for playing! It's gratifying to know that we made a game worth playing TWICE! (: 

Hey there, awesome little game here. I like the concept and had fun trying to find the best strategies for managing our limited inventory. One thing I would recommend is adding a title screen of sorts. Seems unneeded, but from a video-making perspective we didn't have a nice landing space to open the video on. Regardless, thanks for the fun.

I've added title screen to our post-Ludum-Dare list! You made a perfect title screen of your own, though (: Thanks for playing; glad you enjoyed it!

Nice, but it could've used a restart button :)

Restart button added! Thanks for the suggestion.